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Szerkesztette: Strato - 2018 jan 05

Jövő nyárra csúszik a Kingdom Come: Deliverance megjelenése.

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A gyanúsan magas gépigény beigazolódni látszik: ez a port is vacaknak néz ki, de a bérmunkába kiadott Deadly Premonition portját remélhetőleg nem sikerül alúlmúlni.

Torment: Tides Of Numenera How inXile Are Bringing Pen-and-Paper To PC
RPS interview /w Colin McComb and Thomas Beeker


Chris Avellone Interview: Game Design, Numenera, And Hints About His Future

PCI: Beyond Numenera is there anything you can talk about that you’re working on in the future?


CA: Nothing that I can talk about right now. I will say that the work on Numenera, I’m really enjoying it. There’s a lot of stuff still to do so I’m looking forward to getting my hands back in there. I really enjoy writing the character that’s going to be in the game, in many respects he’s very planescapey so I’m looking forward to that. Also, I’m working with a lot of the guys that I worked with on NWN 2, and also the original Planescape, so being able to work with all those guys again has been a huge joy.

The future beyond that… I guess there’s a lot of gleams in people’s eyes for these really cool ideas they would like to bring to the game arena and those ideas are pretty awesome. So I’m looking forward to seeing where that goes and hopefully being a part of that.

PCI: We’re definitely going to see more games from you then?

CA: I don’t think I could ever stop being a game designer, that’s just where my brain is going to be at until I’m in the coffin.

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A videó még semmit sem mutat és azt is rosszul, de én nagyon szeretem a Spiders játékait (Of Orcs and Men, Styx, Mars:War logs, Bound by flame, etc.). Ahoz képest hogy egy B kategóriás stúdió, meglepően szórakoztatóak, és nekem a történetük is tetszeni szokott. Ez a Mars:War logs világában játszódik majd.

Még idén jön a Telltale-féle Walking Dead második évadjához a spin-off miniszéria, Michonne főszereplésével.

A Consortium (2): The Tower Prophecy Unreal 4-re vált Source-ról.

Cool szájfájós shit várható:

They’ve swapped out Consortium’s plane, too, for a skyscraper in future central London. Think the high-concept high-rises of Dredd or The Raid. The Churchill Tower isn’t just on the Thames, it’s on the Thames - a fancy filtration system that pulls water up from the river and dumps clean liquid back out again.

Its top segment - the layer on which you’d ordinarily expect to find condos - is home to a forest of transplanted trees. It’s an environmentalist’s dream, and totally self-sustaining. In fact, the spiralling tubes that snake up the tower’s sides are made of transparent titanium - in the Consortium universe, Earth’s strongest known substance - and could withstand a direct nuclear blast. The improbable tower doubles as a bomb shelter.

All of this is in aid of twisting, unpredictable level design. MacMartin is a disciple of first-person games with their roots in System Shock and Thief. Despite “spikes of inspiration”, he found Deus Ex: Human Revolution’s vent-heavy areas to be “paint-by-numbers” - and cites Dishonored’s vertiginous maps as the key influence.

“You want the player to get lost,” said MacMartin. “The fun of feeling like you’re exploring and taking choices, and you have no idea where you are but you’re loving every moment of it. You’re driven to see more and learn more about what this place is.”




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Nagyon kíváncsi leszek mit hoznak ki belőle, mert az első alapfelállása meg a dialógusai nagyon ott voltak a szeren, viszont a lövöldözési mechanikával egyetemben katasztrófálisan futott a játék.

Várhatóan még idén fog indulni kickstarter a folytatáshoz, de amúgy óvatosan a cikkel, mert elég spoileresen indít.

Project Resurgence - cRPG inspired by Fallout and Arcanum


we want to make Project Resurgence the first successful episodic RPG


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We’ll be taking Project Resurgence to Kickstarter very soon


Mondjuk az alant látható terveik és a veteránokból is álló csapatuk alapján elég összeszedettnek tűnik a projekt.

Torment: Tides of Numenera Alpha Systems Test Launched

Well that was certainly a... short look at the game. The Steam timer stated 10 minutes and that was only because I was purposely reading slowly.

It was basically you (your Avatar) in your mind running to three glowing globes with a memory inside. Depending on how you chose to respond to a situation gives you a boost in Intelligence, Speed or Might. The first "memory was of someone drowning (you I presume) and you can quickly grab the person (speed) or break the globe (might). You then answer a number of questions that I assume increases certain skills but it didn't show me what those were. At the end you "see" yourself in a mirror and can either choose the individual doppelganger or choose that that's not you. I chose "It's not me." and the Alpha ends telling me this is where I would be able to distribute points how I see fit when the game is released. Then that's it. I'll "play" it again to write down what was said at each globe later if someone wants me to. I didn't try to memorize it all as I just wanted to see what it looked like.

edit: Forgot to state that at the beginning, which is voiced (the only voiced part), you are falling to the earth from a very high point and you can choose several options like spreading your arms to slow your fall. Or you can examine yourself (you have a black jumpsuit type thing on) or look to the horizon. After several of these choices you hit the earth and wake up in your mind.

It was smooth as butter for me and didn't have one little technical issue. Definitely looks more Baldur's Gate than Planescape as far as graphics. It's not as "zoomed in" as P:T was.

There's not enough there to get butterflies over. Many of the menu options were grayed out and I couldn't even look at a character screen.

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Achievement unlocked: Died in the tutorial with just three dialogue clicks.


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A Shadowrun nagyon kellemes meglepetés volt az első Kickstarter hullámból, míg a Divinity: Original Sin messze felülmúlta a legkellemesebb RPG-s időutazást. A Torment viszont akkora császárságnak tűnik, hogy nehéz úgy igazítani az elvárásokat, hogy ne érjen csalódásként. A korábbi tömjénzés ellenére próbálom helyén kezelni a játékot, csak már távolról sem egy elcsépelt nosztalgia-RPG-nek tűnik, mint a Wasteland 2 vagy a Pillars of Eternity.


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Platinum working on TMNT

Platinum Games, best known for its work on the Bayonetta franchise, appear to be making a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle game, according to a recently discovered classification listing on the Australian Classification Board. The new game is called Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan, and will be a "multi-platform" title published by Activision. It received an "M" rating due to violence, and online interactivity.

Ha már Rising 2-t nem kapunk(??), ezzel is elnyinnyálunk.

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Ma jön ki az utolsó előtti Dreamfall Chapters. Én nem nézem meg mert hátha spoileres de iderakom :-)

Annyiban spoileres, hogy meglátod benne az új epizódban behozott karakterek. Egyébként már hírt is írtam róla pár napja. :D

Na, csak elkészül lassan ez is. Gyorsan dobják ki a final chaptert is, aztán essenek neki / kickstartolják a The Longest Journey : Home-ot különben irgumburgum!

Újabb Far Cry Primal videó. Nem tudom megmagyarázni, miért, de én ezt a játékot nagyon várom.


Elég igéretes. Eddigi FC-k nem nagyon érdekeltek, de ez egyre jobban.

A miszticizmus adott, de vajon meg bírják-e állni, hogy dinókat és/vagy idegeneket is rakjanak bele? (Titkon remélem, hogy nem bírják.)

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Én is várom... Igaz nekem az összes új Far Cry is bejött.

Ho-lee-shiiii-eeet... erről a játékról hogy-hogy nem hallottam (-tunk?) eddig?! Brutál STALKER utánérzet, sajnos valami online multis faszság lesz, de hátha akad majd SP mód is benne:

Besza'-behu' gameplay:


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